Moro PM70T 292 CFM Fan Cooled Pump

Moro PM70T 292 CFM Fan Cooled Pump

Moro fan cooled vacuum pumps are designed and built for low maintenance, long life and trouble-free service for tough industrial applications.

CCW rotation: Part#: 6.211002580-1
CW rotation: Part#: 6.211002570-1

$3,957.00 USD

Product #: 6.211002580-2

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  • Heavy duty fan-cooled design for tough industrial applications
  • Continuous pumping duty
  • No expensive cooling system
  • No risk to truck cooling system
  • No need to run water lines to truck cooling system
  • Low rotating speeds lead to longer pump life
  • Integrated check valve, change-over valve and oiling system allow for ease-of-use and installation
  • Kevlar Vanes
  • Field proven superior pump life
  • Industrial duty Viton oil seals for longer pump life
Specification Unit Value
Free air capacity cfm 212
Air capacity at 15" Hg/50% vacuum cfm 241
Max. Vacuum Hg (in.) 28
Max. Pressure psig 21.7
Power required at 15" of vacuum hp 9
Power required at max. pressure hp 20
Rotation speed rpm 1100
Oil tank capacity quart(us) 3.6
Oil consumption gal (US)/Hr 0.047
Sound pressure at 7 meters (23 ft) 60% vacuum dB 76
Hose in 3
Flange in -
Weight lbs 350
R.P.M. Free
Air Flow
@15" Hg.
Tank Size
1100 247 cfm 212 cfm 24" Hg 500-2500 Gallons

*Recommended R.P.M.

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