Stahly new innovations and an impressive track record of 40-plus years. For more information and asistance, please contact the Stahly customer support. (309) 820-7300


Stahly Super Saver Dry Applicators

13' L2000G4 with dual duplex tire package
14' Edge Multiplier Semi Float Freightliner M2
14' Edge Multiplier Semi Float Freightliner M2 with dual rears

Standardized on 15' Edge beds

Also shown with "Super Float" tire package 73" R and 54 (F)

Stahly Eliminator 2800

2800 gallon tank, Jurop vacuum pump, Stahly 4-shank injector with 73" Super Float tire package

Stahly standardizes on Freightliner M2 cab on our Freightliner lineup

Much lower cost option for smaller units, ExtraLite's, pasture sprayers in liquid, dry or combo units.

Stahly now offering the powerful savings of the Raven CR7

Stahly now offering the powerful savings of the Raven CR7 with the latest release of a more economical lightweight field computer with full GPS variable rate control customizable in-job layouts. A simple widget concept, easily accessible settings, and ISO Universal Terminal and Task Controller capabilities make this mighty unit an affordable, plug-and-play system. The CR7 is compatible with Slingshot file transfer and remote support, SmarTrax autosteering, AccuBoom, Raven serial consoles and more!

Pattern from 1,400 to 2,200 rpms

Pattern from 1,400 to 2,200 rpmsNew variable displacement load sensing hydraulic system, provides constant GPM hydraulic flow for full, accurate patterns with twice the rpm range as before!

Stahly Salford / Valmar 6700 AB350 Air Boom

Stahly introduces Salford AB350 Air Boom Spreader with 72' swath in single and multi-bin configurations.
See more info   |    View ad (pdf)

Super Float Radial Tire Package

1050/50R32 / 750/50R26 radials offer 22% more flotation, longer tire life and 5mph faster road speed 22% less compaction from the tires on a dry floater that is already 23% lighter weight than Big green means getting into the field earlier. Less soil compaction, more tire wear, less fuel burn and longer driveline or overall life of the machine. Many customers are specifying 15' New Leaders and still being several tons less wither than ground-up units with smaller beds.

Stahly Peterbilt Knight SL132 Biosolids Spreader

Spread - Spreads most types of vegetable waste, paper, gin trash, bio-solids and many other farm and industrial waste.
Bed - The Bedder Spreader is ideal for filling open housing with straw, corn fodder or other bedding materials.
Mulch - Mulch can be applied to orchards, nursery shrubs, new seeding, golf courses or any other application.

Medium Float Tire Package

Float Tire Package 54" Radial Rears with either 48x25.00-20 or 42x25.00-20 Front Tires
*54" Front Tires on 4x4's.

Load Sensing Hydraulic System

- Load sensing hydraulic system maintains pattern down the 1,400 rpm.
- Cruise Control in field for more consistent patterns and up to 20% fuel savings when you back off a couple hundred RPMs.
- Console mounted Allison transmission controls with 3rd gear hold in the field.

2018 Stahly Pete with New Leader Edge 4500G4 Twin Bin

- 2018 Stahly Pete with New Leader Edge 4500G4 Twin Bin which is not available on a Deere or Ag Chem floater.
- 11,000 lbs lighter than a Deere dry floater.
- Many lose sight of what applying dry fertilizer is all about. It is the bed not the chassis that determines how good a job you do. All the chassis does is carry the spreader across the field on its back its not magic. As much as other salespeople like to talk about their bells and whistles they don't bring up the extra weight, fuel burn, tire wear, lack of troubleshooting ability, captive parts (expensive parts) market, fewer service options, greater depreciation and lesser residual value. Or the fact with the Edge you are increasing yields by 27% on the outer 4 or 5 boundary rows and with its built-in diagnostic system drastically reducing downtime and repairs.

Stahly Peterbilt with Flaker Fodder Baler


Pasture Sprayer

30" and now 36" & 38" row spacing for Liquid and Dry.

Stahly 120' Aluminum Booms - For High Clearance or Floaters.

Retrofit your existing High Clearance Machine with longer booms, several size options.

New Leader Edge 4500G4 Model Feature Comparison.

See NL4500 Edge Video
The NL4500 Edge does not add any moving parts at the rear of the bed. It has individual spinner speed, hydraulic chain tensioners, will do boundary spreading, it is tested by New Leader before it leaves HECO, has New Leader modules instead of Raven nodes and an easy to understand and use New Leader interface which includes the feed gate optimizer.

Stahly/Ag Leader/Raven Autosteer with full hydraulic steer front axle.

Final prep on two Stahly Pre / Post Liquid and two New Leader Edge 4500G4 dry applicators.


New Leader Edge 4500G4 - Responsible Nutrient Management System

Ag Leader InCommand 800

The InCommand 800 display, with an 8.4-inch touchscreen, is ideal for the grower looking for a single display that can handle the most common planting, application, machine guidance and harvest operations.

Ag Leader InCommand 1200

InCommand 1200 is the flagship of the InCommand line, you get year-round efficient machine control plus instantaneous information to simplify crucial decisions that impact your yield and profitability. See vital information in the tractor cab to help you manage machine functionality and react on-the-go to changing field conditions. Plus, take your field data and maps with you on your tablet when you leave the cab!

Raven Viper 4+

Viper 4+ integrates with Raven's full line of products into one networked platform that offers a capacitive touchscreen and an intuitive, tablet-style interface with swiping features and horizontal or vertical orientation.

Stahly Aluminum 55/100' "Lo Pro" Booms


Stahly commissioned to engineer Raven's SmarTrax MD auto steer and Ag Leader's OnTrac3 auto steer.

Stahly was commissioned to engineer Raven's SmarTrax MD auto steer and recently Ag Leader's OnTrac3 auto steer—both of which are performing flawlessly in the field.

2015 Stahly Peterbilt with L4000 MultApplier


Stahly 20-Ton Pull-Type Trailer New Leader G4 with or without MultApplier insert.

Raven / Stahly SmartTrax MD Auto Steer

Stahly's excelusive new hubs enable the true servo / mechanical auto steer with our unique splined hub that is used on the steering shaft or our Peterbilt, Freightliner and Navistar chassis utitilizing the standard factor steering wheel with air bag and all.

Stahly Hydraulic Steer w/ Raven SmarTrax 3D

More Visibility


Raven 4—the best just got better.

Raven 4

Stahly Split Systems

Nobody builds a better Split System than Stahly. Typically a 400/1400 gallon split tank with 2 Sumps, 2 Product Pumps, 2 Flowmeters, 2 Servos, 2 banks of Shut Offs and 2 boom Tubes for "Weed or Feed" operating simultaneously or independently. Optional 304 Tig welded stainless steel plumbing.

Stahly New Leader MultiBin

Three or four variable rate product bins.

Stahly Freightliner 114SD

An upgraded version of the popular Sterling chassis added to our lineup.

Stahly Split Systems

Stahly is well known for our split "Weed & Feed" systems.

Stahly Split Systems

Raven Sidekick injects chemicals into either tank.

Ag Leader GeoSteer

GeoSteer is the all-new automated steering product designed for farmers looking for repeatable, sub-inch accuracy. This system is ideal for planting, tillage and other field operations that require precise automated steering.

Ag Leader VERSA

All of the most popular year-round precision tools—including guidance, auto-steering control, SeedCommand planting control, DirectCommand application control, yield monitoring and mapping—in one small package. The all-new VERSA display is built on Ag Leader Integra’s industry-leading technology architecture—making it an ideal second display—or the economical hub of your precision farming operations.

Raven Envizio Pro II and XL

Raven's Envizio Pro multi-function field computers enable you to control, simplify and improve virtually every phase of your operation.

5,500 Gallon Aluminum Vacuum Tank

First 5,500 gallon aluminum vacuum tank utilized for Stahly's popular Eliminator biosolids applicator line.

Optional 25 Shank Stahly Toolbar

Freightliner 4x4 added to Quadtrax Lineup

Freightliner 4x4 added to Stahly's Quadtrax lineup for liquid, dry and row crop applications. Equipped with New Leader L2000 and L4000 spreaders from 8' to 12', 800-1,200 gallon tanks and combo models.

Hydraulic steer with Raven Smartrax 3D auto steer—a popular option

Outboard Planetary Axles now standard equipment.


New Ag Leader Integra and Edge Controllers

The new INTEGRA display is the full-featured, year-round hub of any precision farming operation. A large, full-color 12.1" HD touchscreen display is easy to read and offers powerful, year-round precision farming tools.

The EDGE display offers an entry-level, year-round precision farming solution. It’s specifically designed for those just getting started with precision technology, but includes features like AutoSwath.

Radial tires are now an option.

Radial design for high flotation, ultimate traction and wear, and ride and excellent fuel economy.

New Stahly ExtraLite now available with 12' spreaders and 1,200 gallon tanks!

Stahly has increased the tank size and spreader size options for their popular ExtraLite line with heavier rear axle options and increased horsepower.

New 1,200 gallon ExtraLite now available in two wheel drive as well as four wheel drive.

Stahly's popular Pre / Post / Dry Combo continues to evolve.

More dealers are adding our patented hydraulic steer axle with auto-steer, auto boom and every other bell and whistle.

Stahly started the multi-purpose year round applicators back in 1995 and has led the way in both productivity and R.O.I. every since and continues to outpace the competition!

The Ultimate Compost Applicator

350hp IH7600 with New Leader L5034, also available in 21' Trailer models
14mph - 6 Tons to the Acre - 50' Swath

330hp Peterbilt 4340 with New Leader L4000 Twin-Bin MultApplier.

5500 Gallon Stahly Eliminator

Stahly is one of the leading suppliers of Ag GPS Controllers and Systems.

Stahly's GPS Experts will help you select the best GPS System for your needs! We can guide you through the maze of GPS electronics quickly and easily. We will beat any price and will back you up with excellent GPS Systems parts and service.

Stahly added the Navistar-based 1,000 gallon ExtraLite XL1000 to their line-up.

Stahly added the Sterling 4x4 1,200 to 1,600 gallon Pre / Post.

Stahly added Raven QuickTrax Auto Steer.

- First true mechanical auto steer.
- Available for retrofitting current floaters.
- Can be moved from machine to machine.

Stahly added Hydraulic Steer "Aggressor" Front Axles.

- Eliminates wheel "kick-back"
- Works with any Auto Steer
- Less maintenance

Stahly teamed up with Dempster.

Stahly teamed up with Dempster, a long time customer of Stahly chassis, and is now marketing their proven AirShip IV dry fertilizer spreader. Our relationship with Dempster goes back to 1978 and we have dozens of Airships installed on our chassis and we are now marketing them on our chassis.

Setting the standard since 1976.

Stahly celebrated 30 years of provding top quality service and products to our customers. We have been setting the standard since 1976. Thank you for your continued support.

Four-Wheel Drive QuadTrax introduced.

New self-sealing knives for Stahly's Eliminator Sludge line.

Popular ExtraLite XL is now available in an "Aviator" paint scheme.

The popular ExtraLite XL is now available in an "Aviator" paint scheme. Introducing a model with a 1,000 gallon tank and our QuadTraxx in a 1,300 gallon sprayer for fall of 2006.

Custom Paint

20-Ton Pull-Type Dry Application

18' New Leader L3020G4. Also can be equipped with a L3020XP, L7020 compost or L3220 MultApplier or MultApplier Ready.

Stahly Extra-Lite 800XL

Light weight 800 gallon four-wheel drive sprayer with either a 45/90 or 40/80 self level aluminum booms.

Aggressor comes to Stahly.

Stahly acquired the failed Aggressor line which is a knock off of the old Big Wheels, Silver Wheel, Hack Super Wheel etc. and has refined the product to serve the many Aggressor, Big Wheel, Silver Wheel, Hack, Super Wheels customers as well as our Stahly customers.

Straddle Row for 36" and 38" rows.

This Straddle Row is an addition to the 90" spacing for 30" rows which we have sold for twenty years.

Stahly is the first to offer 32" of crop clearance with 82" rear and 72" front tires.

Stahly AeroSpread

First Aerospread constructed out of 304 stainless steel and installed on a flotation chassis.

New Leader MultiApplier broadcasts two products simultaneously.

Stahly introduced the MultApplier from New Leader for broadcasting two products simultaneously. Also stock a Multapplier Ready version for adding the insert at a later time.

Stahly offers the first true PRE/ POST / DRY combos for year round operation.


Stahly offers the first combination liquid dry Pre / Post applicator with an all-in-one 12' dry box and sprayer.

First combination liquid dry Pre / Post applicator with an all-in-one 12' dry box and sprayer for applying both liquid and dry at the same time in pasture areas.

Stahly brings back the popular Peterbilt to their line-up.

Navistar's New "Severe Service" 7400 series.
Stahly is the first to offer Navistar's new "Severe Service" 7400 series.


Stahly offers the first Lo-Profile self-level boom.


Quick-Change Combo

First with a true "Quick-Change Combo" for fast change over times when switching from liquid to dry.

Stahly introduced the New Leader G4 spreaders.

Stahly offers Mobile Service Units.


First to design a liquid system with interchangable modular user replacable components.

First Pre / Post machine with 60/80 boom.


First with straight axle for IHC and Sterling.

First to use Allison HD4060 with big bore diesels.


First with 100% 304 stainless steel Center Cab.

First to implement the use of Timbron springs.


First with a straight front axle for more crop clearance.

First with the new Ford L8513.

First to standardize on 300 hp C8.3 Cummins and I-530.

First with a straight front axle for more crop clearance.

First to standardize on stainless steel product plumbing.

First and only row crop machine rated for 55 mph.


First with multi-purpose Pre / Post applicator.

First with charcoal air conditioning/heater filters.


First with "Application Approved Chassis" I-530 IHC diesel and Rockwell 38,000 LB rear axle.

First to standardize on 16,000 LB dual steer front axles.


First to standardize on 275 hp across the board on all models GM/Ford/IHC.


First with 54" rear tire for medium flotation.

First with anti-slip rear wheel rim flange locks.


First to standardize 275 hp - DTA466 in IHC chassis.

First to standardize on Rockwell axles in IHC.

First to standardize on Allison World Transmissions.


First with Big Bore diesels, 3306C Cat in our Peterbilts.

First with Super 10 transmissions.

First to standardize on AT1202 aux Transmission.

First to promote 48x31.00 front tires on truck units.


First and only to move front wheels in closer to frame.


First with Rockwell RS series double reduction rear axles.

First with 10-hole Budd front wheels (most others still using cast spoke front wheels).


First and only manufacturer to offer GMC, IHC, and Ford.

First with forged Dana, Rockwell, TRW steering arms.

First with engine mounted Centri pre-cleaners.


First to get away from roof mount air conditioners.

First with IHC DTA466 245 hp air-to-air after-cooling (others stayed with turned up 210 hp DT466).

First to standardize on IHC 2554  Severe Service chassis (all others were selling IHC 1954 series; Loral waited until 1995 to standardize on the rugged 2554 & then quit selling the lighter 4900 series).

First with double "C" channel frames.


First with Goodyear "XT" and Firestone "DT" tires.


First to add power steering coolers.


First to switch to turbocharged diesels when it became available - 250 hp Cat.

First GMC or Ford with a Aux. Transmission (GMC in 1983; Ford in 1987).


First with solid cooling fan hubs to replace fan clutches.


First with front mount PTO provisions.

First to calibrate the fuel pump on engines for more power.

First with Caterpillar 3208N diesel (210 hp).

First to align front axles after modifications.

First with a cowl mounted Turbo II engine pre-cleaners.


First to switch majority of units from gas to diesel engines.


First with second Hayden transmission cooler for Allison automitics.


First to supply Tyler, Wilmar, Dempster, Batts, Simonsen, Clark, etc. with chassis for their systems to compete with B-Wheels, Big A Loral, etc.

First to standardize on 12,000 LB front axles.

First to standardize on 10-ply tires for full flotation.

First with fiberglass fenders.

First with a cowl mounted Turbo II engine pre-cleaners.


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