Stahly Services and Repair

Let Stahly's expert staff perform all your repairs and installation needs.

PTO & Hydraulics (details)

Stahly PTO & Hydraulics

- Sell, install and repair hydraulic cylinders
- Sell and install hydraulic pumps
- Sell and install hydraulic resevoir tanks
- Sell, repair and install Chelsea and Muncie PTOs
- Repair and troubleshoot hydraulic problems

Welding (details)

Stahly Welding Service

- Welding Services


Stahly Electrical Lighting Kits and Service

- Sell and install electrical lighting kits including strobes rotating beacons, and lightbars
- Repair and troubleshoot electric, wiring and light issues

Sell and Install Ag Leader and Raven GPS Systems

Stahly Precision Ag Systems

Suspensions & Lift Kits

Stahly Suspensions & Lift Kits

- Install Timbren Suspension SES Kits
- Install Lift Kits and Suspensions for floating semi-chassis for Ag Applications

Recondition Equipment

Stahly Recondition Equipment

- Recondition your used Sludge, Dry, or Liquid Fertilizer Equipment


Stahly Suspensions & Lift Kits

- Install Wetline Kits for your Work Trucks
- Roll Tarp Installation and Repair
- Make and Install Parker Hoses and Fittings


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