Moro PM110W 630 CFM Liquid Cooled Pump

Moro PM110W 630 CFM Liquid Cooled Pump

Moro water cooled vacuum pumps are designed and built for low maintenance, long life and trouble-free service for tough industrial applications. Liquid cooled vacuum pumps are used in a variety of industries and field applications to pump any noncombustible liquid.

CCW rotation: Part#: 6.211004920-1
CW rotation: Part#: 6.211004950-1

Product #: 6.211004920-1

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  • High performance, Kevlar vanes with visual inspection ports in casing
  • High quality Viton oil seals - longer life than traditional oil seals
  • Low rotating speed leads to longer pump life
  • Sealed or oiled bearings - no grease points
  • Direct feed, sealed oiling system
Specification Unit Value
Free air capacity cfm 579
Air capacity at 15" Hg/50% vacuum cfm 554
Max. Vacuum Hg (in.) 28
Max. Pressure psig 29
Power required at 15" of vacuum hp 20
Power required at max. pressure hp 54
Rotation speed rpm 1100
Oil tank capacity quart(us) 4
Oil consumption gal (US)/Hr 0.053
Sound pressure at 7 meters (23 ft) 60% vacuum dB 80
Hose in 3/4
Flange in -
Weight lbs 645
R.P.M. Free
Air Flow
@15" Hg.
Tank Size
1400 630 cfm 554 cfm 24" Hg 2000-6000 Gallons
1250 562 cfm 486 cfm
*1100 496 cfm 388 cfm

*Recommended R.P.M.

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