Smucker Green Weed Dauber
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Smucker Green Weed Dauber

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- lightweight, hand-held dauber
- apply herbicide with no drift or waste, even on a windy day
- cellulose sponge requires no adjustment, ideal for spot treatment

$39.99 USD

Product #: RWTD03

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The garden "tool" that wipes out weeds with no drift, even on a windy day. This unique to the industry, hand-held weed wiper, puts solution exactly where you want, saving you money on chemical.

The hand-held Green Weeder Dauber gives you more options when deciding what solution to use when attacking intrusive plants or weeds. The cellulose sponge design has a valve that can be adjusted to help regulate chemical flow. The Green Weeder's lightweight design makes using our product convenient for lawn and garden use.

  • Dauber handle length: 45 1/2"
  • Dauber head dimensions: 4" length, 2 1/2" diameter
  • Total volume: 32 oz


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