Stahly NL4000G MultiBin Spreader

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Stahly NL4000G4 MultiBin Fertilizer & Micronutrient Spreader - Available for 30" 36" or 38" rows

New Leader has taken the technology of the MultApplier to the next level! Now spread up to four materials in one pass.
The new MultiBin, designed as an attachment to the NL4000G4, can broadcast up to four materials simultaneously while maintaining accurate spread patterns.

Benefits Compared to Typical Air and Spinner Spreaders

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced time in the field
  • Reduced field compaction
  • Increased spread widths
  • Increased return on investment
  • Increases efficiencies and reduces operation and maintenance costs compared to typical multi-compartment air spreaders.
  • Consistently broadcasts materials from 3 or 4 bins, independently or together, for straight and variable rate applications.
  • Micronutrient hopper features removable internal baffle to convert between 3 and 4 bin configurations.
  • MultiBin removes and reinstalls for combination spreading of ag lime, fertilizer, and micronutrients.
  • New material divider improves material placement on spinner for a more effective spread pattern.
  • Rear Bins are sloped forward to improve chassis weight distribution compared to other “hanging” designs.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel resists corrosion and prolongs life.
  • Low-bin sensors alert you when it’s time to re-fill.
  • Lid on the optional micronutrient cover opens to an extra large flared opening for ease of filling. This lid opens and closes with a stainless steel air cylinder.

NL4000G4 Dimensions and Capacities

New Leader L4000G4 Dimensions


Stahly NL4000G MultiBin Spreader Additional Photos

Peterbilt 4348 L4000G4

Peterbilt 4348 L4000G4 Multibin

Peterbilt 4338 L4000G4 Twin Bin

30in—and now 36in and 38in row spacing for Liquid and Dry

Stahly Freightliner

New Leader MultiBin

Stahly Peterbilt NL4000 Twin-Bin MultApplier

IH ExtraLite 1000XL


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