Stahly Hi-Capacity Liquid and / or Liquid Dry Combo

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Stahly Hi-Capacity Liquid and / or Liquid Dry Combo - Available for 30", 36" or 38" rows

 2,000 gal. (6056 L) capacity, #4 finish 10 gauge (3.45 mm) 304 stainless steel tank, Internal 100 gallon rinse tank in front of tank, 2 baffles to control load when half full, all three internal baffles are rounded heads not flat plates for extra strength, 16'' (40.6 cm) manhole, with 10" (23.4cm) fill opening. Stainless steel full V sump, 3/16" stainless steel skid, dual sight gauges, 100 gal. (227 L) capacity stainless steel water flush-out tank with top sparger to clean heads, sides and baffles, stainless steel cat walks, 3" tank reload port. 

Welded Skid: One piece 3/16" (33% thicker than 10 gauge used elsewhere) stainless steel design for strength and durability, boom system is directly attached to chassis frame. 

Product Pump and System: 4'' x 3'', 3"x3, 3" x 2" or 2"x2" hydraulically driven pumps. All product plumbing throughout system is 100% tig welded 304 stainless steel plumbing for efficient product flow and no corrosion. 2'' (51 mm) sparger line and 3'' (76mm) auxiliary bypass line, 1-3'' (25 -76 mm) single stainless steel strainer, cab controlled electric 2" SS KZ valve in bypass line,    

Hydraulic System: Higher quality industrial hydraulics with tighter tolerances than Ag hydraulics for dependability and longer life. Direct mount tandem gear pump, front section operates booms, rear section operates a hydraulic motor driven product pump. 34 gallon reservoir with site gauge, baffle, vent and filter. Hydraulic cooler and thermostatically controlled cooling fan. 

Boom: Self-Level 50'/90' (27.4 m) Boom with adjustable height of 48'' (1219 mm) with tip break away and accumulator shocks . 1 1/2'' (38 mm) stainless steel boom pipes, individual boom section control, 5 Section 1 1/2" motorized ball valve shut-off with S.S. ball and stem. Air powered boom tube clean-outs. Air operated fence row nozzle. Metal is sandblasted, Varaprimed and painted with Polyurathane paint for a lasting finish. 

Boom Controls: 4-way joystick electric over hydraulic controls for all functions.

Controller: Ag Leader In-Command 1200 or Viper 4+ with Accuboom and full GPS.

Foam Marker: Optional Stainless steel, 45 gal. (170 L) capacity. Foam is made outside of the tank for more consistent foam and more acres.

Combo Units: "Quick-Change" combo option for adding a dry spreader. Enables tank and booms to come off as one. Able to be switched over in two hours with our exclusive manifold disconnects everything in two seconds. 

Flotation, Row Crop or Both Sets of Tires: - Available for 30", 36" or 38" rows

Tank: 800 gal. (3785 L) to 2000 gal. (7570 L) product tanks in either 304 or 316 stainless steel. 

Boom: 55' (16.7m), 65' (19.8 m) 75' (22.9 m ), 80' (24.4 ) 85' (26 m ) and 50'/90' (15.3 m/24.4 m) 120' Aluminum Booms with adjustable height of 48'' (1067mm). 

Boom Tubes:  2", 3" or 4"

Nozzle Spacing: 10", 20'', 30'', 60/20'', 60/30'' (25.4, 50.8, 76.2, 152.4/50.8, 152.4/76.2 cm) spacing available. 3/4" for Flood Jet tips and Tee Jet fitting on the same stainless steel boom tube. Fittings are coped and tig welded for more flow and zero leaks. 

Nozzles: CP adjustable flood or flat fans, single or triple body Tee Jet. Optional TeeJet air powered Chem Savers. 

Auosteer & Parallel Swathing Systems: Raven SmarTrax or Ag Leader Steer Command Plus includes hydraulic steer front axle.

High Volume Pump: 4x4 (102 x 102 mm) plumbing, 2'' (51 mm) stainless steel boom pipes and shut offs. Twin-Pump Spit systems. 

Chemical Eductor: For liquid or dry chemicals. Mounted on the pressure side, chemicals can only go into the product tank, not plumbing. 

Controls: Raven, Ag Leader, Deere or TeeJet. 

Pressure Washer: Hydraulic driven pressure washer for in-field washing of machine, 3 GPM @ 1200 PSI (11.4 LPM @ 82.7 BAR). 

Hand Washer: Poly tank with ball valve. 

Acid Sprayers: 316 stainless, acid resistant hose and poly fittings. 

Options: UNLIMMITED! 4" plumbing throughout with various size boom tubes. Hydraulic steer front axle, Hi-Rise or STD, Auto Boom, Cameras, Twin-Boom, Split systems etc.


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