New Leader 37006 (Seal)

New Leader 37006 (Seal)

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Includes: Oil Seal

Grayed out items displayed in image not included.

This part is included in the following New Leader Kits:
- NLC20-100 NL4500G4 / NL5000G5 12ft Conveyor Kit
- NLC20-110 NL4500G4 / NL5000G5 14ft Conveyor Kit
- NLC20-120 NL4500G4 / NL5000G5 15ft Conveyor Kit
- NLC20-130 NL4500G4 / NL5000G5 16ft Conveyor Kit
- NLC20-140 L4000G4 13ft Conveyor Kit
- NLC20-150 L4000G4 14ft Conveyor Kit
- NLG20-300 L4000G4, NL4500G4, NL5000G5 Dual Pinion Gear Case Rebuild Kit

$16.30 USD

Product #: 37006

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