Raven 600S Smart Antenna Receiver

Raven 600S Smart Antenna Receiver

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Enhanced Raven product integration with fully scalability. High performance, dual-frequency receiver with sub-meter pass-to-pass accuracy.

Product #: 1-117-2000-001

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The 600S is a fully scalable GNSS smart antenna that comes standard with GLONASS and Autonomous dual-frequency GL1DE.

Receive the full benefits of 600S through a simple upgrade into GS and RTK corrections to enhance the performance of your entire precision suite of technology. Upgrading to Satellite GS corrections will enhance the performance of your steering system, as well as variable rate applications, planter and seeder controls, AccuBoom section control and Hawkeye nozzle control.


  • High performance dual-frequency receiver
  • Sub-meter pass-to-pass accuracy
  • Full scalability for enhanced accuracy
  • Autonomous dual-frequency GL1DE, SBAS, GS, and RTK
  • Simple and fast setup
  • Seamless integration

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