Ag Leader GPS 7500 Receiver

Ag Leader GPS 7500 Receiver

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Fully scalable, rugged Smart Antenna, designed to meet the need of extended RTK baselines in excess of 20 miles utilizing the Relay CDMA or Relay GSM via a NTRIP solution.

Product #: GPS7500

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Ag Leader GPS receiver systems offer accuracy, repeatability and range and serve as a complement to the built-in guidance capabilities of the Ag Leader displays and assisted and integrated steering options.

  • Differential corrections include GLIDE, WAAS/EGNOS, TerraStar and RTK (with Relay).
  • GLONASS standard
  • GLIDE offers improved accuracy without subscription-based differential correction.
  • Increased signal uptime provided by standard StableLoc technology.
  • Outputs simulated radar speed.
  • Up to 20 Hz output.
  • LED diagnostics for at-a-glance system monitoring.
  • Integrated magnets and included mounting plate with locating pins provide repeatable mounting.
  • Sealed, compact, rugged design.


  • 2-4'' (5-10 cm) horizontal accuracy
  • Quick reconvergence
  • Incorporates GPS and GLONASS signals
  • TerraStar subscriptions available from Ag Leader in 5 day, 3 month and 12 month lengths


  • 6-8” (15-20cm) pass-to-pass horizontal accuracy
  • 15” (40cm) repeatability
  • 5-minute convergence
  • Incorporates GPS and GLONASS signals
  • Worldwide coverage
  • One year subscriptions available from Ag Leader
  • For areas that do not have a reliable correction source or customers that are dissatisfied with current SBAS corrections

GLIDE offers superior pass to pass performance in situations when a differential signal is not available.

  • Works globally (does not require WAAS or EGNOS)
  • Creates smooth positioning for Steer applications
  • Further enhances performance by accounting for ionosphere delay
  • Especially suited to geographies with high-ionosphere disturbance
  • Mitigates scintillation events
  • GPS 7500 enhances absolute accuracy with GLIDE because of Dual Frequency GNSS capabilities

StableLoc maintains accurate steering - even when your correction signal is temporarily lost - by seamlessly transitioning to the next available signal source. When the signal is restored, the system will then transition back to the higher accuracy source, eliminating position jumps.

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