Hypro Hydraulic Motor Repair Kit 3430-0748

Hypro Pump Rebuild Kit 3430-0332

Repair Kit Hypro Cast Iron Centrifugal Pumps 3430-0332

This repair kit is for the following pumps:

9202C, 9203C, 9206C, 9262C-C, 9263C-C, 9302C, 9303C, 9306C, 9402C, 9403C

3430-0332 Repair Kit Includes:

Qty (1) O-Ring

Qty (1) Mechanical Seal

Qty (1) Gasket

**This kit is for cast iron series pumps. For stainless series please use repair kit part number 3430-0589.**

$36.64 USD

Product #: 3430-0332

Picture is for reference only. Please refer to kit description for details.

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