Stahly Liquid System Components


Rugged, Dependable, Simple and Long Lasting

  • True self level center pivot with lock-out and hydraulic adjustment
  • 4" x 4" x 1/2" square tubing make this the strongest center section ever built
  • Durable Dupont Imron paint is baked on after complete sandblasting and Varaprimer is applied for long life
  • Stainless steel tig-welded manifolds, stainless fittings, boom tubes, elbows and hardware for long life


  • 48" of up / down travel for spraying fertilizer or chemicals at lable height
  • Show quality paint job with high gloss durable Dupont Imron paint baked on after thorough sandblast and primer

100% 304 Stainless Steel Throughout

  • The only liquid system on the market with tig-welded stainless pluming
  • Plumbing lasts forever, cannot leak and there is no place for rust to occur which can plug nozzles
  • Simple, straight forward design with excellent access to all components
  • Everything comes off with the tank. The entire liquid system is ready to be lifted off the chassis in ten minutes
  • Cat walks are powder coated and are attached to the chassis frame

Stonger Tanks

Press formed heads with a #4 polished finish.

Two internal baffles provide much more stability. Dished heads are used instead of flat plate for added strength.

Longitudal welded seams are stronger than one weld around the the center of a tank. Four longitudal seams, five around the circumference and five dished heads provide the durability required for the toughest conditions.

100 gallon internal rinse tank in the front of our tank with fittings for a hand washer or pressure washer. Top sparger provides a complete rinse of all internal surfaces.

We specify a 33% thicker 3/16” skid and a one piece continous sill our tanks hold up in the roughest terrain.

Strongest Boom Design Ever Designed

  • Low height protects boom wings and nozzles from damage
  • Low Profile boom improves visibility, cab entry/exit
  • Easier to drive than a spreader truck
  • Don't have to worry about trees, lines overhead doors

The "Lo-Pro" Booms

  • Operators love our low profile booms which fold behind the cab and are tucked out of harms way
  • Absolutely the strongest fold-over hinge in the ag industry
  • Note! Polished head on our tank and quick connect foam drop for spraying small fields in the folded position

The Gas Accumulators, Industrial Hydraulics and Rugged Construction

  • Nitrogen charged accumulators cushion the up / down movement of the boom
  • 3,000 industrial hydraulic cylinders, manifolds, hose and valves are built to more exacting standards than
    1,500 psi agricultural cylinders that everyone else uses. They last much longer and rarely have problems.
  • Oversized hinge posts and pins for the up/down, break-away and fold over for strength and long life

The Best Boom Tubes in the Industry

  • 304 stainless steel tubes, mounting hardware last forever
  • 3/4" flood fittings are coped and then expertly tig-welded on 30" centers, 3/8" Tee Jet fittings are on 20" centers
  • Coped fittings will flow twenty percent more than normal fittings and eliminate pressure drops
  • Superior "T" clamps used instead of lesser hose clamps and all hoses are double clamped

Heavy Duty Fold-Over Hinge

  • Hydraulic down pressure on the outer boom enables our folding boom to act as a solid boom without any slop
  • Exclusive use of Hi-Tensile steel saves critical weight and is 25% stronger than steel used by others
  • Close tolerances on our bushings are not prone to play/wear that is found on other folding booms

Ease of Service

  • All components are easily accessible and can be replaced by non-mechanical people if needed.
  • Ravens Servo, Richway QRV’s, Electric shut-offs and Strainers are located for easy access.
  • Color coded air lines are visible on the left side of this photo.
  • Everything comes off with the tank. The entire liquid system is ready to be lifted off the chassis in ten minutes.
  • Grease zerks for self-level are visible top right.


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