Stahly Aggressor Liquid Applicator

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Available for 30", 36" or 38" rows
Stahly bought the rights to the Aggressor™ name and we are your headquarters for Aggressor parts and service. Aggressor, Super Wheels, IME, Hack and others copied the old Big Wheels boom and made refinements over the years. We took the best parts of each and put all of them into our Aggressor boom and made it even better for die-hard Aggressor customers. The boom is a 1974 design and was good in its day, but it has long been surpassed by our Stahly boom and most other booms on the market.

1800 gallon 75' Stahly Aggressor

Stahly has taken the best of both and built the ultimate liquid applicator!
Optional: Hydraulic Steer front axle and auto steer.

Aggressor Console

Raven 4600 with pneumatic controls.

Aggressor Center Section

Rugged "X" Braced 1/4" wall with Shock/Tilt cylinders. Optional self-level or vertical up/down height adjustment.

Aggressor Plumbing Station

100% tig welded stainless steel, hydraulically operated product pump. Clean and simple design.

Aggressor Boom



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