Ag Leader SteerCommand Automated Steering System
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Ag Leader SteerCommand

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For growers seeking an integrated steering experience, SteerCommand offers best-in-class integrated steering performance, sub-inch accuracy, when paired with GPS 7500 for repeatable, precision steering via RTK correction.

Product #: SteerCmd

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  • Access to CORS and RTK networks for repeatable sub-inch accuracy with GPS 7500 combined with Relay.
  • GPS 7500 with SteerCommand supports GLIDE, WAAS/EGNOS, TerraStar and RTK.
  • Nine-Axis Terrain Compensation accommodates for rolling ground and driving through waterways, ditches and over terraces.
  • Internal compass helps maintain steady heading.
  • Compact controller size allows ease of transfer between machines and allows more flexibility with installation.
  • Maximum compatibility with custom installation kits for over 600 different vehicles.
  • StableLoc maintains accurate steering - even when your correction signal is temporarily lost - by seamlessly transitioning to the next available signal source. When the signal is restored, the system will then transition back to the higher accuracy source, eliminating position jumps.

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