Visionworks 7 in. Monitor & Camera System
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Visionworks 7 in. Monitor & Camera System

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Complete 7 in. camera system, a portable kit that is great for blind spots on your equipment in various industry applications.

- 700 TVL camera
- 7" LCD monitor
- Heavy Duty mount for monitor
- 30 ft. cable
- Night vision
- Easy installation
- Wireless remote for monitor

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$299.00 USD

Product #: VWIC700

Ships in 1 to 2 business days.

The standard 7" camera kit, which is a portable kit that is a great solution to the blind spots on various industry applications. It's equipped with our standard 700 TVL camera with a 30 ft. cable. This particular monitor has two camera inputs, with the ability to toggle between two camera views. You can easily switch between your camera inputs with the remote that's provided in the kit. With the option to power your monitor with our cigarette lighter adapter, or choose to hard-wire into your system.

Kit Includes:

  • 7" LCD monitor
  • Standard 700 TVL camera
  • 30 ft. cable
  • RCA female
  • Remote
  • Cigarette lighter adapter
  • Hard-wiring cables
  • 65 lb. magnet
  • RCA Female
SKU A9122868
Manufacturer Vision Works
Manufacturer Part # VWIC700
Weight (lbs.) 5
Camera QTY 1
Camera Brand Sony
Camera Resolution 700TLV
Camera Angle 120 deg
Camera IP Rating IP 68
Camera Minimum Temperature -4 deg F (-20 deg C)
Camera Input 4-pin
Monitor Size 7"
Camera Night Vision Yes
Monitor Aspect Ratio 16:9
Monitor Luminance 350 cd/m2
Monitor Encoding Pal/NTSC
Monitor Language Multi-language
Monitor Power 12V-24V
Monitor Adjustable Settings Brightness, Color and Contrast
Monitor Inputs 2 video and 2 audio
Monitor Sound Built in speakers

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