Hypro SF-1100 Mini-Bulk Chemical Transfer System (EPDM Valves)

Hypro SF-1100 Mini-Bulk Chemical Transfer System (EPDM Valves)

2" MNPT Inlet, 1" FNPT Outlet. 10.7 gpm, 15 psi, 13.9 amps. 20' cord with alligator clips and inline fuse.

The stand-alone Mini-Bulk Chemical Transfer System pumps include a 12 VDC motor, 20 ft. cable with alligator clips and an inline fuse. The stand-alone pump does not include any tank couplings, ball valves or mounting devices.

-Highly efficient design delivers increased flow with viscous micro-encapsulated or suspended chemicals.

-High flow rate while pumping viscous chemicals, in combination with free-flowing return loop, provides substantially increased turnover rate on recirculation models.

-SHURflo proprietary designed co-molded diaphragm molecularly bonds the pump piston to the diaphragm in the molding process, resulting in an inherently leak proof diaphragm capable of years of trouble-free service.

-The highly efficient design utilizes a SHURflo-built 3" diam.

$207.13 USD

Product #: SF-1100

Ships in 1 to 2 business days.

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