Hypro 1542P-65SP 2 in. Poly Transfer Pump
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Hypro 1542P-65SP 2" Poly Transfer Pump

1542P-65SP Hypro 2" Poly Transfer Pump with 6.5 HP PowerPro engine.

Hypro's line of high-powered, self-priming transfer pumps is powered by a 5.5 HP or 6.5 HP PowerPro engine, or is hydraulically driven. With flow rates of up to 200 gpm and pressures up to 58 psi, these transfer pumps deliver solutions for your fluid and chemical transfer needs.

The polypropylene pump body makes this product line ideal for use in transferring a variety of fluids including corrosive chemicals like Roundup and Atrazine.

Tank filling, floodwater removal, and lawn & garden watering applications are just a few more of its many uses.

Weight: 53.0 lb, 200 gpm, 58 psi.

$346.50 USD

Product #: 1542P-65SP

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