Ag Leader InCommand 800 Display

Ag Leader InCommand 800

The InCommand 800 display, with an 8.4-inch touchscreen, is ideal for the grower looking for a single display that can handle the most common planting, application, machine guidance and harvest operations.

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Versatile Precision Ag Display
The InCommand 800 display serves as an economical hub for your precision farming operations. Take advantage of our most popular year-round precision tools all in one package: machine guidance control, SeedCommand planting control, DirectCommand application control, yield monitoring and more.

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  • Tablet-like interaction
  • Swipe, pinch, pan and zoom gesture support
  • Touch and go homescreen apps
  • Satellite imagery background
  • Display to display communication
  • Integrated lightbar
  • Year-round functionality
  • ISOBUS/Universal Terminal/Task Controller
  • WiFi adapter included
  • Syncs data, maps with iPad using AgFiniti Mobile

Display to Display Communication is here

The next level of connectivity is here! AgFiniti and InCommand displays come together to bring you DisplayCast, a new feature providing display-to-display communication. We understand the urgency of a tight planting window, the hassle of carrying maps on a USB and the need to share data from one display to another. Now, all the tools you need to eliminate these headaches are available on your InCommand 1200 and InCommand 800 displays.

Now share:

  • Coverage maps for swath control
  • Guidance lines
  • Field summary information
  • Yield and planting maps and more

Whether you have two displays working in one field or need information synced from a display parked in another machine, DisplayCast is the ticket for speed and efficiency on your farm

Maps In The Cab

  • Tablet like interaction with maps including pan, pinch, swipe gestures.
  • Mark field borders, sub-boundaries, in-field obstacles, waterways or tile lines in real time from your cab.

Maps On The Go

In the cab or on the go, data collected from your InCommand 800 display is readily available on your iPad with AgFiniti Mobile, no internet connection or USBs required.

See More with Your Run Screen Map

Harness the power of InCommand and AgFiniti to utilize the new satellite imagery feature. Gain a better visual of the field or how to proceed with the operation, have a better understanding of where waterways or natural obstructions are to know the best way to perform the field task.

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InCommand 800

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