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Pete vs. Ground Up Unit

• Cost less to buy
• Cost less to own and operate
• Has a longer service life
• Is easier to keep running
• Is worth $30,000 to $60,000 more at trade/resale time

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Save upwards on $125,000 or more on life cycle cost or total cost per acre over a comparable ground up unit per machine. That adds up quickly, especially for larger operations where many machines are used.
COMPARE FOR YOURSELF... it’s a pretty clear choice!

Stahly Peterbilt 4348
    • Lower purchase price
    • Lower cost for parts and service
    • Easy to trouble shoot and/or repair
    • More versatility - Pre, Post, Dry or Top Dress
    • $30,000+ higher resale after five or six years
    • Better ride and handling
    • More profitable
    • More dependable
    • More productive
    • Four-wheel drive options
    • No need to trade off when five years old
    • Common parts available from 10,000 parts houses
    • Higher road speed
    • Better visibility and more comfortable
    • Better fuel economy
    • Two million mile non-corrosive aluminum cab
    • Better tire life - 40,000 miles for front tires
    • Higher row crop spraying speeds
    • Less weight and compaction

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Imagine that everyone was using Peterbilt floaters and a company starts promoting a ground up unit, costing more money, fewer parts/service options, bringing less $ at trade/resale and costs more to operate? They wouldn’t sell! 30 yrs ago they became popular when the truck based mfg’s were using lighter components and inferior cabs. Today’s Pete’s are superior to ground up units. Many of the largest, most profitable dealers nationwide are running Stahly Peterbilts and adding more.

Ground Up Units
    •   Complexity beyond your ability to troubleshoot
        or repair
    •   VERY FEW parts or service options
    •   Higher cost for parts and service
    •   Higher purchase price
    •   Resale which has fallen well below truck based
    •   Shorter service life
    •   More fuel consumption
    •   More tire wear
    •   Slower road speed
    •   Less visiblity
    •   Less versatility or ability to do post acres
    •   More weight and compaction

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