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Ag Leader INTEGRA Console

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$4,275.00 USD
Worldwide - anywhere WASS signal is available.

Shipping cost to the US: $38 USD
Shipping cost to Worldwide: $135 USD

We ship anywhere Worldwide.

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Works in:

Anywhere WASS signal can be received.

The INTEGRA display is the full-featured, year-round hub of any precision farming operation. A large, full-color 12.1” HD touchscreen display is easy to read and offers powerful, year-round precision farming tools.

Mapping, planter and application control, yield monitoring, real-time data logging and more – can all be controlled from the cab using the INTEGRA display.

The display also features four video camera inputs, providing operators a better view of equipment operation and safety by allowing them to view live video on the display.

Bottom line: The INTEGRA display can help to reduce input costs and increase yield potential.

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Gain Performance Insights

Generate live, full-color hybrid/variety placement maps. Overlaying these planting maps with application or harvest maps can provide valuable performance insights that can help in planning for next year.

Manage Application

View target rate and prescription application maps in real time for application of both single and multiple products.

Generate and View Field Maps

View maps of previous field operations, guidance patterns, field boundaries, etc. within the field. Zoom and pan across maps to view specific areas and ensure coverage.

Full-Screen Guidance

The INTEGRA and EDGE displays offer the option for full-screen guidance with a perspective view. This allows the operator easy visibility of guidance operations.



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